Pippin the Tarantula

Pippin is my tarantula,¬†Phlogius cf. papuanus.¬†She is very cute (in my opinion) and is about 6.5cm long with her legs stretched out. We got her from The Green Scorpion, which sells invertebrates. She is very secretive and once, because of that, I thought she was dead. … Read More...

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Unlike nearly all other invertebrates Cuttlefish are highly intelligent. They have very big brains for their size and believe it or not, are related to snails, slugs, octopuses, squids, nautiluses, and vampire squids. Cuttlefish use hypnosis to catch their prey. They use flashing colours on their … Read More...

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Golden Emperor Cicada

Anapsaltoda pulchra The Golden Emperor cicada is a beautiful insect that appears in summer around the rainforest in Far North Queensland. The sound you can hear in the video is the males singing to attract a mate. Usually we find their shed exoskeletons attached to trees or fence posts, but in … Read More...

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